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Cut and paste the below text string into the search box found here. Be sure to change the Scripture reference for which you are searching.

If you wish to edit this, the form is simple: to exclude an author, add ” NOT author:(INSERT NAME) ” at the end of the string. Authors excluded by this list whose results you would like to include may have the same string including their name removed. Note that some titles are also excluded by this list; this is also not a full example of inclusion or exclusion terms.

scriptureRef:”matthew 15:21-28″ NOT author:(young) NOT author:(hilton) NOT author:(boettner) NOT author:(newell) NOT author:(bayly) NOT author:(schmid) NOT author:(paley) NOT author:(hopkins) NOT author:(wuttke) NOT author:(moffat) NOT author:(whitefield) NOT author:(therese) NOT author:(ullmann) NOT author:(bruce) NOT author:(emmerich) NOT author:(mcgarvey) NOT author:(ramsay) NOT author:(white) NOT author:(owen) NOT author:(neander) NOT author:(wesley) NOT author:(lightfoot) NOT author:(pressense) NOT author:(doddridge) NOT author:(herbermann) NOT author:(ryle) NOT author:(harnack) NOT author:(berkhof) NOT author:(burgon) NOT author:(watson) NOT author:(conybeare) NOT author:(edersheim) NOT author:(borthwick) NOT author:(newton) NOT author:(johnson) NOT author:(trench) NOT author:(torrey) NOT author:(easton) NOT author:(manton) NOT author:(smith) NOT author:(nave) NOT author:(jamieson) NOT author:(keble) NOT author:(murray) NOT author:(pink) NOT author:(robertson) NOT author:(maclaren) NOT author:(Henry) NOT title:(jbf) NOT author:(barnes) NOT author:(calvin) NOT author:(orr) NOT author:(singh) NOT author:(tulloch) NOT author:(bullinger) NOT author:(arminius) NOT author:(flavel) NOT author:(fuller) NOT author:(schmiedel) NOT author:(barclay) NOT author:(tillotson) NOT author:(renan) NOT author:(gill) NOT author:(leupold) NOT author:(fudge) NOT author:(hort) NOT author:(daubney) NOT author:(winkworth) NOT author:(beveridge) NOT author:(taylor) NOT author:(lardner) NOT author:(rutherford) NOT author:(sergieff) NOT author:(finney) NOT author:(south) NOT author:(outler) NOT author:(hodge) NOT author:(follette) NOT author:(howe) NOT author:(nee) NOT author:(baxter) NOT author:(beth) NOT author:(hooker) NOT author:(aquinas) NOT title:(encyclopedia) NOT title:(“1 yr”) NOT title:(“baptist confession”) NOT title:(“history of the christian church”) NOT title:(“creeds of the evangelical”) NOT title:(“creeds of christendom”) NOT author:(spurgeon) NOT author:(montgomery) NOT author:(brannan) NOT author:(andrewes) NOT author:(law) NOT author:(denney) NOT author:(watts) NOT author:(addison) NOT author:(plantinga) NOT author:(lindsay) NOT author:(charnock) NOT author:(jowett) NOT author:(cotton) NOT author:(allestree) NOT author:(bevan) NOT author:(macdonald) NOT author:(butler) NOT author:(kuyper) NOT author:(teresa) NOT author:(cross) NOT author:(hutton) NOT author:(fenelon) NOT author:(guyon) NOT author:(sales) NOT author:(blois) NOT title:(“daily path”) NOT title:(mention) NOT author:(molinos) NOT author:(liguori) NOT title:(menaion) NOT title:(strauss and renan) NOT author:(mead) NOT author:(bartleman) NOT author:(clarke) NOT author:(bentley) NOT title:(dort) NOT author:(bonar) NOT author:(schleiermacher) NOT title:(web bible) NOT author:(boehme) NOT author:(chadwick) NOT author:(richardson) NOT author:(hewitt) NOT title:(scottish) NOT author:(jenyns) NOT author:(wernle) NOT title:(kneeling christian) NOT author:(meyer) NOT author:(west) NOT title:(hist of) NOT author:(roberts) NOT author:(bushnell) NOT author:(deane) NOT author:(traherne) NOT author:(tolstoy)  NOT author:(grotius) NOT author:(tischendorf) NOT author:(ursinus)  NOT author:(anderson) NOT author:(waring) NOT title:(eminent) NOT author:(ray) NOT author:(archibald) NOT author:(voragine) NOT author:(edmundson) NOT author:(willison) NOT author:(simons) NOT author:(groom) NOT author:(robinson) NOT author:(hoadly) NOT author:(shann) NOT author:(ryden) NOT author:(herbert) NOT author:(boyce) NOT author:(pasko) NOT author:(gray) NOT author:(braght) NOT author:(josephus) NOT author:(bennett) NOT author:(edwards) NOT author:(penn) NOT author:(baker) NOT author:(dick) NOT author:(kellogg) NOT author:(moule) NOT author:(latimer) NOT author:(browne) NOT author:(arndt) NOT author:(dehault)


Written by pastor

8 September 2014 at 11:42 am

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