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Mark, prioritized.

It matters little (if anything) for preaching as to which Gospel was written first. All are Scripture; all are witnesses to Christ. One holds no claim as primary over the others.

Yet the question which came first? almost can’t help but be asked. The answer most moderns have settled on is that Mark came first, with the mythical Q alongside, with Matthew and Luke following with Mark as at least a template. Mark is shorter, Mark shares a surprising amount of material with these two Gospels, etc., etc. You can go read the articles and commentaries — there are plenty out there to chew on.

What those who have gone this route haven’t seemed to notice, for the most part, is that Mark is not primitive, is not basic, but is instead what one gets when something larger is honed down, sharpened, worked over. Mark is complex.


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5 May 2017 at 12:36 am

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