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A nice post on the contraction of religious freedom in America

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Here’s a nice post on First Things on recent developments in this direction.

Not all such constrictions of religious freedom are purposeful or even noticed. A well-under-the-radar (probably inadvertent) restriction on religious practice that affects Lutherans is found in institutional (usually correctional or mental health) settings where alcohol of all sorts is forbidden. As we believe and teach that the Lord’s Supper is to be received in both kinds, both the bread and wine, believers who are held in such settings can easily be denied access to the Sacrament. This is not a problem for nearly any other Christian group in America, as the Sacrament isn’t for many of them, and a goodly number on that side of the question deny that wine ought to be used anyway; this is also not of great concern for Roman Catholics (a local priest confirmed this for me as we discussed communing those in the local jail) due to their teaching (discussed here, for instance) that one receives both Christ’s body and blood in Holy Communion when either the consecrated bread or wine are consumed. Unforeseen consequences of such restrictions become institutionalized, and lead to further restrictions (intended or not) down the road.


Written by pastor

4 October 2011 at 11:11 am

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