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Facebook vs. the Church?

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The central thread of this post by Richard Beck seems to me to be spot-on. We might boil it down to these two quotes: “Facebook friends tend to be our actual friends”; and “Facebook isn’t replacing `real’ relationships with `virtual’ relationships. It’s simply connecting us to our real friends”. Social media does not displace actual human interaction; instead, it tends to streamline and intensify it, for both good and ill (for instance, self-selected tribalism, at least on a small scale, will likely grow along with online social networks, further breaking down what we could before pretend was a generally-unified national/language-bound culture). What, then, becomes of proclaim the Gospel to those not closely entangled with us in our social webs, who are unlikely to “read our posts”, whether online or in person?

2/16/11 Addition: a follow-up post from the same blog.


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15 February 2011 at 10:53 am

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